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Jessica Taylor

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January 2015

Snake Day

Written by , Posted in Poetry

A checkered baby copperhead halts

two feet from me in the ochre and sanguine

frail leaves – it is worse to be bitten

by a baby because they cannot control their

aqueducts of venom – and stands static

as a tree as I watch the interlocked tiles

of her skin, dry and rough in the dehydrated air.

Her triangle head concentrates on the stillness

of my leather boots, and I know there will be no holding

her at arms length, a limp devastated cord,

as I have dangled the flaccid scooting garters who terrorize

my tomato patch, or the meter long scratched silver

mill snakes who stalk my father’s fish ponds.

This snake, this fire brown baby, is a cylinder of warrior

snake spirit, a potent packet of power pressed

into an amber tube. Her pink antennae

tongue splits at its cool tip into perfect twin probes.

Her ears are polished metal canals

that digest minute disturbances in air or ground.

Her slender spine, a row of chiseled ebony diamonds.

As the baby struts away, her body blends

into the percussion of the leaves. My veins sing

a sigh of relief, and my legs quiver

as the reptile bellies away –

a clean streamline of dynamite.